About the artists:


Sasha Voronova

Sasha uses oil, acrylic and digital media for her artwork. She is married and has one son. Her home church is Samara United Methodist Church, Samara, Russia.

"It is really great that proceeds will go to Samara UMC. I'm glad to serve the Lord and my church by the gifts He gives to me. My dream is to inspire people and strengthen their faith through my works", said Sasha.

GOLD CITY is a digital painting of an image of New Jerusalem. It illustrates Sasha's reflections about the City of God. You can find the temple, an empty tomb, the tree of life and other familiar symbols. All of her artwork is biblical based.  This painting is based on Revelation 21:1-5.

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Tatyana Molodyk

Our first artist, Tatyana Molodyk, is still our biggest selling artist. Now that the interior of the Saratov church is finished and Tatyana has moved to Moscow, proceeds from her artwork are going to the Scholarship Fund at the Moscow Theological Seminary.


Igor Pak

Rev. Igor Pak is a pastor, carpenter and artist. Marfa Ministry receives precious few of his exquisite works. First, he finds the wood, then he makes the item and finally paints it. All his handmade, hand painted, and one of a kind items, are in high demand. He was the primary carpenter in building the new church building of the United Methodist Church in Kharkiv, Ukraine. After collecting MANY glass and plastic bottles, (shown on the left), he used the bottles to construct the walls of the new church.


Bottles for walls...



Anna is the Headmaster of Children's Sunday School at the Samara United Methodist Church. She is often busy writing curriculum for instruction. She also makes dolls which fit in a purse/bassinet. It would be the perfect gift for a little girl in your life.

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Vladislava Novikova

Vladislava's husband is pastor of the Saratov United Methodist Church. Her commitment to the Saratov UMC is clear in her donations of artwork. Points! Dots! Dot to dot! Point to point! Whatever you call it, call it beautiful. 

Her beautiful creations sell out every year. Shop early if you want one!


Art work by Leonid and the children of the Svetlaya Church

Leonid participates in the children's program at Svetlana UMC. At home, he cares for his six siblings and makes money to support the family. Other artwork by children in the program is featured in note cards and "lunch bags".


AlËna pirogova

Alëna Pirogova is a member of the United Methodist Church in Samara, RU. She works as a teacher in an art school for children. Alëna shares this message: "All the gifts given to me by the Lord should serve to create His Kingdom on earth. My works are created under His guidance with the hands He gave me, with the strength and inspiration received from Him. Glory to God alone!"

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Masha from Rainbow Ministry

Masha, a fashion design student, crochets small toys. Her skills are beyond measure. After making a significant amount of money through Marfa Ministry, Rev. Fedor Kim asked her how she would like the money to be spent. She requested it be used for a woman in need. Soon after that, a lady came to Rev. Fedor needing help to get out of an abusive situation. These Rainbow Ministry funds helped set her up in an apartment. Marfa Ministry is proud of Masha's hard work and talents. 

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Olga Bochkareva

Olga has been a friend of Marfa Ministry for many years. Her sewing skills are excellent which is not surprising considering she has worked as a tailor. Her expertise is in the areas of leather and fur. She has made numerous cosmetic bags for Marfa Ministry. Her latest donation of 17 zippered bags were sold with proceeds designated for the Godly Play training in May 2019. 

Olga is also the mother of Masha. She is shown here "painting" her daughter's feet for the purpose of making Christmas cards.

view Olga's cosmetic bags

Juliana Eger

A friend of Vladamir and Valerie from Volgagrad, she has donated her artwork for the purpose of helping to establish and build a Christian coffee shop in a joint project of their two churches.

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Gypsy children from Stavropol

The children of the camp have used their fingerprints as a part of the notecards they have created.

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