Saratov United Methodist Church - Saratov, Russia


The Saratov UMC is our first partner. After achieving self-sufficiency, their focus is now on outreach. They have partnered with a Baby House, offer Helping Hands (feeding the poor), and have second-hand clothing.

Moscow Theological Seminary - Moscow, Russia


Rev. Bruce Weaver was instrumental in purchasing the building that houses the Moscow Theological Seminary of the United Methodist Church. Currently, there are 100 students from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The seminary presides over 120 churches in five annual conferences. The President of the Seminary is Dr. Sergei Nikolaev, graduate of Perkins School of Theology.

Kharkiv United Methodist Church -Kharkiv, Ukraine


In 2001, the United Methodist Church of Kharkiv, Ukraine was started by Rev. Igor Pak and his sister Rammi. In 2010 they bought a parcel of land with the intention of building a new church. Rev. Igor Pak not only helped fund the building, but also has devoted many hours in construction of the building. In 2017 they completed a new sanctuary. Please join us in praying for peace in Ukraine.

Svetlaya United Methodist Church - Khabarovsk, Russia


Rev. Elena Sokolova is pastor of the Svetlaya United Methodist Church in Khabarovsk, RU. This church is unique because it serves primarily children. Elena, along with the associate pastor Galina, bring children in off the streets who have undesirable home lives. Twice a week, they worship with them, serve a lunch and give the children art lessons. In addition, the church provides the supplies and clothes they need for school.

Rainbow Ministry - Moscow, Russia


Rainbow Ministry meets at the Moscow Theological Seminary of the Methodist Church. It began as a Bible study group of young adults and grew to a diverse congregation. The church is served by Rev. Fedor Kim.

Samara United Methodist Church - Samara, Russia


The United Methodist Church in Samara, RU is the largest Methodist congregation in Russia. They regularly have 75 or more at worship. In addition, they have an active youth program. Their outreach programs include feeding the homeless every Sunday and various summer camps.

Transformation and Hope Methodist Churches - Volgograd, Russia


Church can happen anywhere...even in a coffee shop in Volgograd, Russia. Transfiguration and Hope United Methodist Churches, along with their pastors Valery Patkevich and Vladimir Ilykhnin are starting a Christian coffee shop.

Stavropol United Methodist Church, Russia Gypsy camp


Pastor Irina Mitina from Stavropol United Methodist Church, hosts a camp for gypsy children. The support for these children makes it possible for them to get high marks in school. Although government agencies visit the camps often, they are able to continue this program to the benefit of the children.