What can you do to help?



Pray for the success of Marfa Ministry, that it can provie the much needed support for small churches in the Eurasian Conference, struggling to be independent and spread the Word of God.


Volunteer to help Marfa Ministry. The needs are great. Are you an expert with Social Media? Would you like to do webdesign? Call for specific needs. 


Donate to Marfa Ministry. Mail checks made payable to Marfa Ministry; 2206 Picadilly Lane; Denton, TX 76209. A little helps a lot! You think you don't have enough money to make a difference? A small church in Kansas has sent a $50 check every month since 2012. Do the math! That has had a huge impact!

Book a consignment sale

Book a consignment sale. It's easy! Just follow these steps:

     Contact Janet Fisher to schedule a consignment sale

     Merchandise will be mailed two weeks prior to your mission fair. All items are pre-priced

     After the sale, return unsold items along with a check payable to Marfa Ministry for the sold items


Purchase prints, note cards, Christmas cards or other items at mission fairs or at our online Etsy store.


Invite us to speak, give a presentation, or participate in your mission fair. We are available and anxious to tell the story.